29 July 2013

Affectionately Mine

Y'all know that I am not a trendy person. Fads are not something I follow and bandwagons are methods of transport upon which I do not jump. My clothes are decidedly out of date as are my reading habits and television viewing choices. In knitting I rarely choose the pattern everybody else is working on. Well, there were all those Jaywalkers but, come on! Jaywalkers?

Why then have I become the approximately the 9650th person to knit Color Affection? Over the past year I have seen this wrap simply everywhere and each one was more intriguing than the last. The pattern increasingly crept into my consciousness and I began to wonder what colours I might choose were I ever to make one. The deal was sealed in June when The Daughter gave me a skein of navy blue Cascade Heritage on my birthday. I knew I already had the light blue skein of the same and a lovely cabernet Prism yarn in my stash.
Now six weeks and much mindless internet TV watching later, I love, love, LOVE my new shawl. More pics on Ravelry.

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