18 February 2013

Lace. Oh Yes.

Remember my trip to Elora to visit Wellington Fibres Mill? Remember this yarn?
Well, here is what the first skein has become. I love it so much I can barely see straight! This Orchid Thief was a painful knit in many ways, and I admit there were times I wanted to chuck it. Now I can definitely say that it was worth it.  I can't wait until spring when I can wear this lace over a light dress.
The deets are on my Ravelry page

The mohair/wool lace weight behaves in a surprisingly yet not unpleasantly different way when knit compared to when it's on the skein. It becomes lighter and acquires a bit of a halo. The lace pattern is defined but not harsh. Lovely. The best part? I still have the small skein of blue and another 650 yard skein in plum. What to do with them?

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