18 February 2013

Lace. Oh Yes.

Remember my trip to Elora to visit Wellington Fibres Mill? Remember this yarn?
Well, here is what the first skein has become. I love it so much I can barely see straight! This Orchid Thief was a painful knit in many ways, and I admit there were times I wanted to chuck it. Now I can definitely say that it was worth it.  I can't wait until spring when I can wear this lace over a light dress.
The deets are on my Ravelry page

The mohair/wool lace weight behaves in a surprisingly yet not unpleasantly different way when knit compared to when it's on the skein. It becomes lighter and acquires a bit of a halo. The lace pattern is defined but not harsh. Lovely. The best part? I still have the small skein of blue and another 650 yard skein in plum. What to do with them?

11 February 2013

A Scarf

Sometimes a knitter needs to go back to the beginning and knit a scarf. In this case, the yarn came first. I really wanted to use this discontinued Artful Yarns Serenade, cotton/angora blend that's been sitting in my stash for years. Veronik Avery's Transitional Scarf from her Knitting 24/7 book provided the perfect pattern - just the right fibre and yardage.
The plushy texture of the yarn made it a delight to work with and the eight row repeat of the pattern kept it interesting. Unfortunately, the slight violet tones in the pink, don't complement my colouring. This scarf is not meant for me. Into the gifting pile it goes until I find some fresh faced young thing who can wear it.