10 January 2013


"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 
Jim Croce
Sometimes you feel it. You move gracefully. You think creatively. You breathe easy. It all flows - the reading, the knitting, the journal and blog posts. Other times it all gets muddy. You say, "I should work out," but you watch YouTube instead. You knit two rows only to rip back three. You make shopping lists in your personal journal in the morning and stare at a blank blog template in the evening with absolutely nothing interesting to say.
It's at these times that a person needs inspiration. It can come in many forms. One such form is a skein of Prism Custom Dyed Yarn in the colour 'Cabernet'. It's particularly inspiring when it's an unexpected Christmas gift from a friend. Thank you Lorelei!

A nice bit of inspiration comes after finishing a little project in just three days. (Clara Parke's Foxgloves from Brave New Knits). Perhaps it is more correct to say that one gets a feeling of satisfaction. What's inspiring is accidentally getting a cool photo of the freshly fallen snow on the neighbour's shed while trying to shoot the aforementioned little project. 

A Swatch. How many beautiful knitted items items throughout history have resulted from inspiration drawn from the humble swatch? This Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora has been languishing in my stash for years. After knitting up these few rows and seeing the gorgeous definition, I know this is my next cardigan. I've even chosen the pattern. Can't wait to cast on.

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