22 December 2012

T'is the Festive Season.

It's been a bit of slog chez Long Yarn the past couple of weeks. Blog silence has been brought to you by work frustration combined with lack of creative flow.
However, things are looking up, or at least more festive. We've just returned from seeing White Christmas on the big screen courtesy of the Bloor Cinema, and last night we made our holiday gingerbread house. Notice there is a Totoro sitting on the roof which I'm sure will bring us luck throughout the season and beyond. 
Sadly, the green mittens will not be completed in time. Heck, that was a crazy pipe dream anyway! All other Christmas knitting is complete, the food and wine have been bought and the tree is up. Tomorrow evening will bring an apartment full of guests with whom to celebrate. Lovely.
Happy holidays everyone.

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