21 October 2012

Table Knitting

It doesn't look like much here but this is my current "at home" project. It's Ysolda's Orchid Thief, originally published in Brave New Knits. I cast on at a knit night several weeks ago but now it never leaves the apartment. In fact, I don't even put it in its project  bag anymore. It lives out on the dining table, ready to pick up whenever I have a half hour to spare. At over 400 stitches per row, that half hour means I get one row done. I've increased the number of pattern repeats because I'm using a finer yarn (Ysolda used Malabrigo Sock. I'm using Wellington Lace).This means a lot of stitches on an infamously tricky pattern. If you know Orchid Thief at all, you're aware of the on-line chatter about how a pattern could be published with such unclear instructions and so many errors. It was only through a lot of digging through Ravelry that I was able to sort it out. 
Since regaining copyright, Ysolda has self published the pattern and addressed the problems.

The Wellington mohair/wool blend is knitting up beautifully. A halo appears as its worked but there is no shedding and the shawl does not feel scratchy at all. The colour is gorgeous, especially in the morning sun by the window where I do my knitting. I can't wait to see what it looks like blocked.

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