03 October 2012

Day 2 - Yellow

I went to the Tarragon Theatre to see No Great Mischief starring my two imaginary boyfriends, R.H. Thomson and David Fox.  I was lucky enough to see this premiere in 2004 and had to catch the remount. The play has grown, if it's possible, even more magical with time and age.

Before the show, I dined down the street at the Apollo Eleven diner. The usual please! Greek salad, fries and coffee. Passing the theatre's staff entrance I paused to tie a ribbon in memory of those many years ago when my ex-husband worked there and I had the pass code to this door. The Daughter and I visited him many, many times as he worked late. We washed her baby clothes in the costume department laundry. We barbecued dinner in the courtyard. Heck, I even worked there a few times myself before the Baby Days. All happy memories. Last night, during the play, I tied a ribbon to my seat's armrest. Naturally, there is no photograph of this.

J.D. Nicholsen, David Fox, R.H. Thomson.
Photo courtesy Tarragon

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