02 July 2012

When The Sum Does Not Equal The Parts

You know how sometimes you just keep knitting despite misgivings? This scarf has been my commute knit for months. Slowly I built it up, square by square, all the while with a feeling of 'meh'. It's especially odd because all the elements were there. The yarn, Malabrigo Sock, is such a smooth and lustrous knit.  The individual colours are stunning. There were times on the streetcar when the morning sun hit the coral and the violet tones in a way that took my breath away. And entrelac? One of my favourite processes.

Why then do I feel so blah about the end result? That tumeric tone has a lot to do with it. There's a fair bit of it and that colour looks simply terrible on me. In the end, I guess the scarf just doesn't look how I imagined it might.  
However, I'm sure there's someone out there who does think it's beautiful. As soon as I find that person she will become the scarf's owner.

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