20 July 2012

It's Called a Yarn Crawl

They don't call it a yarn crawl for nothing. Yes, yarn was acquired at the TTC Knitalong last week. Not that I need more yarn, or in fact, have any more room to store it. However, the participating stores greet us so warmly that it feels like my duty as a Team Captain to support them.
Passionknit unveiled a kit in honour of the Knitalong - a  gorgeous fingerless glove pattern made with two skeins of Koigu KPPPM.  I chose this darkish colour mix and have cast it on already. It's my first experience knitting with Koigu. I'm loving it.

I have a huge lace weight collection but no Zephyr.  This Aegean Blue 50/50 merino/silk just called to me from the Knitomatic shelf.  I mean really! At that discount?  How could I not buy it?
Time to pick up the pace on my lace knitting.

Romni made little surprise bags for us and this was in mine.  I don't know what it is.  It feels like  wool - a little scratchy, very earthy.  One suspects that it is wound from their cone collection.  The colours are delightful aren't they? So very Me.

I also picked up some burgundy toned Cascade sock yarn at Mary Maxim but haven't managed to get a nice photo.  Who knew they made sock yarn? It's lovely stuff.
A great by-product of attending the Knitalong has been the firing up of my knitting spirit.  Seeing all the wonderful product out there and the amazing work of my fellow knitters has really inspired me. I've spent quite a bit of time with my needles this week.  Hopefully there will be FO posts soon.

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