28 July 2012

Going For Gold

I made the last minute decision yesterday to cast on an Olympic project. A few friends were getting together at our usual watering hole and it just felt right to throw aside all the current WIPs for two weeks and start something completely new.
I've chosen to knit Laura Chau's Top Down Shoulder Warmer.  The yarn and pattern have been in my stash since Christmas so it was a simple matter of winding up the hank and doing a quick swatch before heading out to watch the opening ceremonies.  I was originally attracted to this pattern last fall when, knitting at Lettuce one evening, I felt a chill and slipped on the store sample. I wore it the rest of the evening and fell in love.  It was so sad when I had to remove it at closing time! I loved it so much in fact that after purchasing the pattern, I went out and bought the same yarn  in the same colour as the sample.  This is something I never do.

Being an easy knit, it's not really in the spirit of  completing a "challenging" project over the course of the games. I just really want that shrug! So maybe this can be a bronze medal sprint rather than a golden marathon. Fine by me.

Photo of the store sample is from Laura Chau's Cosmicpluto site. Click Here to go to the pattern page.

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