13 July 2012


The Knitting has just not been with me lately.  It's so damn hot.  Also, my brain seems to be occupied with other things.  At best, I knit maybe five rows a day. Not a great speed at which to finish a cardigan.

I did however, get a new camera! That's cause for a blog post! You may recall that my old one was well and truly pooched. I was borrowing The Daughter's but that couldn't go on indefinitely.  So I took advantage of Canon's July online sale and ordered a pretty basic model - the best I could afford.  It's one of the lower numbered models, (A1300) considered to be of the 'point & shoot' class.  However, it still has most of the features I'm used to (macro, light control, shutter speed control, special effects, self timer, etc) and takes remarkably good shots. The cool thing about technological advance is that the camera I paid $120 for today takes shots as good as the one the ex paid $500 for six years ago. And let's face it. I never learned how to use all the settings on the fancy one anyway.
The new camera is also small and light. I've been carrying it around all week, trying to familiarize myself with it.

It came to work with me to this year's Indy.

 It came along for a post-Indy beer.

It came with me the Fringe Festival - to the traditional venues and to those on the beautiful grounds of The University of Toronto.

 Lastly, it followed me on an errand to Bloor and Jane.

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not an artist said...

oh! I'm so glad you got a camera, I totally forgot to reply to you about my old beater camera.... FWIW this new canon you got is absolutely a better one ;)

Love the pics, especially U of T!