31 July 2012

A Finished Object Not Finished By Me

Several weeks ago Lettuce Knit was having a sample clearance. Many of the ladies at knit night tried on this slinky silk top but everyone agreed it looked best on me. I modestly admit that it does rather look like it was made for me.  So, for twenty bucks, I got about $80 worth of Alchemy Silk, hand knit by Laura Chau into a fashionable little number I never would have dreamed of making for myself. Score!
It had been hanging about the shop for a long time and consequently, was looking rough.  There were several snags and exposed ends as well as couple of small holes.  The neckline ribbon was in particularly bad shape. Well I finally got around to making the necessary repairs and replacing the ribbon. Now it looks smashing! I really, really, really like it!  It feels fabulous and sexy.

I'm not sure how I managed the look of this lower photograph. It certainly wasn't on purpose but I love the  fuzzy result.  It reminds of a snap taken in the seventies and that's been exposed to the sun too long with it's wonky colour and faded quality.

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