07 June 2012

Wishing Cakes

Today was my birthday.

Flashback. My fortieth birthday was a piercing disaster.  Downright painful. Skipping the details, I can say that it was the point at which I went from expecting little, to expecting nothing. Not a nice place to be. The beginning of the end of my marriage?  If I had to put money on it, I'd say, yes, it was.
Since then, every year, I've felt a mixture of nerves and ambivalence toward my approaching birthday.  I usually ignore the day all together. My therapist used to tell me I had to reclaim the celebration of my birth. Ask for what I want. This year I decided to do it. Face that sucker down hard. But what is it exactly, that I want? 
I want recognition and well wishes. I want nice thoughts and good Karma.  So I bought two dozen grocery store cupcakes, a pack of dollar store candles and a lighter.  I brought them to work and later to knit night.  I handed out lit candle decorated cupcakes and asked people to make sincere wishes on my behalf while blowing them out.  The knitters got it immediately.  "What a great idea!", I heard more than once.  The co-workers, though confused,  played along too. The Beautiful Daughter sent out a breakfast wish this morning with cupcake and tea. I feel the warm energy of all those good thoughts tonight. I really do.

Peace. Success. Love. Health. Kisses. Silk. Creativity. Friendship.
These are the wishes I sent out into the air today.
One lovely knitter told me that while she was blowing out her candle, she thought the words, 'Cashmere' and 'Free". 

Happy Birthday.


not an artist said...

Ah I wish I had been there! Happy birthday Yvette -- you are awesome and deserve celebration. Next time I see you I owe you a cupcake/pie/beer/wine :)

Yvette said...

Thank you my friend.