06 May 2012

Sweet Lucy

A little too sweet as it turns out.  The poor girl had been listless and increasingly wobbly for weeks.  When it became clear that she wasn't getting better on her own, the most excellent Daughter packed her into a taxi after school, and with my credit card in hand, whisked her off to the vet.  Tests confirmed a diagnosis of diabetes.  Suddenly I find myself to be a person with insulin in the fridge, a giant box of syringes in the cupboard, and a sharps disposal container under the sink. Holy sudden change Batman! 
This little crisis has been the occasion for much soul searching.  Naturally, one of my first thoughts was of the expense.  I'm already struggling financially and recently found out that I'm to be the victim of seasonal layoffs at my crappy job.  I considered the horrible option that I may not be able to do this.  Then I thought, "Wait. What kind of person do I want to be?"  I took this funny girl cat and her daughter home from the Humane Society three years ago and they have given me nothing but happiness since.  Do I kill her just because she's sick,  Am I that person? The answer is that I am not. 
I've done some budgeting and made some decisions about things I will need to give up to afford the food and medication.  Until my proverbial ship comes in, things will be sparse around here, but I trust it will be worth it.  I will not let outside forces make me do terrible things and then shrug saying that I had no choice.  I have a choice and I've made it.
Lucy jumped on my bed this morning and poked me in the face, meowing for her breakfast,  She hasn't done this in days and I nearly cried with relief.

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knitterbeader said...

So sorry to hear about your kitty, but you know you made the right decision. They do become family, it seems!