12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day To Me

    Well, this actually has nothing whatever to do with Mother's Day but is something pretty.  I realized I hadn't yet blogged my other Frolic purchases,  Let's call them my early presents to myself. So here is a sunshine filled skein of wool/mohair Sock Handpaints from Stoddart Family Farm.  Stoddart remains one of my favourite booths to visit each year and I was happy to see them moved to a high traffic location on the main floor this time around. For some reason this yarn says 'hat' to me.  It will have to be the perfect pattern though - something reminiscent of the seventies, perhaps with a brim?
     I also acquired a skein of Painted Fleece seacell/silk.  It's difficult to see in the photo but it is the palest of whispers of a green shade.  Hence its name - Sprout! Perfect, right?  The colour is a bit of a departure for me but it looked so fresh and it was on sale. A spring shawl?  An open work shrug?  We shall see.

Here the Stoddart and the Wellington have a sexy snuggle on the fire escape.  How is it that two skeins of the same basic ingredients, can be so different?  And each so uniquely delightful?
So, Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow pro-creators.  I hope your day is a pleasant one and doesn't involve crying in your tea because you spent last evening watching your daughter give the last high school  performance she will ever give and she was brilliant and beautiful and she's moving out in September and you've no idea what you'll do with yourself when she does....Or maybe that was me.  I digress.  Myself, I'm working tomorrow but my favourite co-worker will be there so it will be a pleasant day.  If the weather is still fine when I get home, I hope to plant snapdragons.  And maybe knit. 

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