07 May 2012

Coming Along

Sleeve One of Agatha is done. Progress continues to be slow on this beauty. This is not because I'm having more trouble with it, but simply because I'm not picking it up as much as I'd like. My knitting time is down now that the weather is fine and I'm cycling to work often rather than taking transit. Also, I've been spending my evenings reading more. Naturally, this delights me given my past struggles with books.  I just finished a biography of my beloved Akhmatova and before that it was Mordecai Richler's Barney's Version
So, it seems there just aren't enough hours to do all the things I love. Darn job.

I am loving her so far though.  She's a snug, eye catching little thing.  The shaping is fantastic - it really hugs my waist and makes my arms (single arm for now) look long and elegant. Also, I remind myself that, because of the add-on construction style, this baby will come off the needles ready for blocking. No finishing required! So, it's further along than it may look.  

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