28 April 2012

Magic Baby. Pure Magic.

There's a scene in the movie Men With Brooms that I love.  The protagonist Cutter, the skip of the title's curling team played by Paul Gross, is kneeling on the ice, leaning over his rock and listening.  He's preparing for the crazy shot that makes up the film's dramatic climax. The skip of the opposing team asks Paul's teammate Lennox, played by Peter Outerbridge (Hello Peter Outerbridge.  Do I smell underrated adorable? Yes, I believe I do.) what he's doing.
"Making poetry baby", is the reply.

Today was the DKC's annual Knitters Frolic - an event to which I seem doomed never to capture in a focused photograph.  Now, usually, when I attend the market, my method is this:  Do the whole floor once. Slowly. Buy nothing but make mental notes of two or three things. Then go back round again.  Those items  that still speak to me or are indeed, still there, are the ones I'm meant to buy.
Today was different,  I had been there a total of maybe twenty minutes when I hit the Wellington Fibres booth and my usual plan evaporated. This one remaining skein of fingering weight, 80% mohair, 20% wool, in the colour Plum, virtually leaped off the shelf into my arms.  This is a yarn of substance in the hands.  It has the sheen of silk, the weight of linen and the drape of bamboo.  It feels like a new puppy.  I will name it and love it forever. How is it possible to spin and dye simple mohair into this impossibly joyful burst of gorgeous?  By adding 650 yards of mad skill and a pinch of abracadabra magic.  Making poetry baby.

Oh, below is the only decent photo I managed to take all day.  It's a sample shawl in an alarmingly appealing bubblegum pink, draped over the Painted Fleece booth.  Can you see the cute glass beads glinting and the sterling silver flecks twinkling?  I tried to convince Missy and Sarah to just give it to me as I liked it so much and it matched my outfit. Strangely, they wouldn't go for it.


Marin (AntiM) said...

I'm delighted to hear there's a movie about curling.

Plus, y'know... nice yarn and stuff. ;)

Yvette said...

Marin, I know you would love this movie. Get your hands on a copy if you can.

Marin (AntiM) said...

Omigosh - there's a TV SERIES too! OK, only one season, but highly regarded by the Amazon reviewers.