10 April 2012

Short Rows

I've started the sleeve cap of the cardigan three times and have ripped back as many times,  The pattern technique is to pick up from the armhole edge of the body, then knit in the round shaping with short rows.  While I understand the possible advantages of such a technique, I'm obviously struggling with the execution.  I've always found knitting sleeves in the round to be cumbersome with all that turning of the whole project in your lap.  Also, the wrap and turns on reverse stocking stitch has me completely stymied!  I keep getting this odd ridge that looks like a diagonal stocking stitch row.
I think the basic problem is that I don't understand the mechanics of knitting stitches well enough to make adjustments when they don't do what I want them to do.  My w & t technique is as it's always been - bring ytf, slip purlwise, wrap, pass stitch back, turn.  However, when the result is not as desired, I don't have the knowledge, or mojo, or mad skills or whatever, needed to fix it.  Frustrating.  Perhaps I should meditate on it?  Consult a guru?

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