11 February 2012


It's everywhere.

It peeks out of baskets all over my apartment.

It takes the form of three quarters done socks.

It's a barely begun cardigan.

It's in bags and plastic storage tubs and half finished shawls.  There's no seeming end to the possible projects that could be worked on this Saturday, my first day off in a while.  Or I could sort that cupboard I've been meaning to get to.  Or hem that skirt.  Or clean the unpleasantness from the bathroom. Yet I suspect I'll work on none of these things.  Here it is, nearly noon and  here I sit at the computer, still wearing my robe. All I've managed this morning is to take a few stash photos and drink two cups of coffee.   I am deep in a February funk my friends - listless and exhausted. I've just been reading some of your wonderful blogs and pondering with vague jealousy, where anyone finds the energy to accomplish all that?  
So, despite the presence of all this yarn and all these unfinished tasks, I'll probably just watch past episodes of Gray's Anatomy on line and wait for this to pass.

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