12 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy 2012 everyone.  I realize I haven't yet made a proper new year post.  You know.  A ringing in of  the year in a bloggy fashion?
So what will it bring? I, for one, am certainly ready for the "New" portion of the year.  I've been feeling a sameness in my life of late and a desire for new adventures, new people, new learning.  At the same time, in my tradition of no resolutions but rather, remembering intentions, I feel a need to get back to some of my old ways. There needs to be more emphasis on gratitude and joy and less worry about simple survival and productivity.  My astrology prediction for the upcoming year states "If you look hard and keep an open mind, you will eventually recover lost riches or a disappeared prize in the least likely of places."  
I like that.  What I may have lost, I haven't got a clue. Some of my spark perhaps? But I do appreciate the reminder to actually look hard.  Really see what's around me.  Keep my eyes open.  That disappeared prize sounds awfully intriguing. 

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