14 December 2011

Tree is Up

We raised the tree this past Saturday - a few days earlier than usual but The Daughter was returning to her Dad's the next day so it was either Saturday or just two days before Christmas.  We chose to buy from one of the local fruit markets that sells trees from their side patio where they sell plants and veggies in the summer. Standing between two rows trying to choose, we suddenly heard a soft "Hello, Hello."  It felt briefly like a Christmas miracle with talking trees until we noticed the proprietor emerging from the shadows.  He's a small, pleasant, Asian man. Soft spoken and shorter than me, he hoisted our chosen evergreen onto our cart as if was no heavier than a feather.

Arriving home we discovered that the lower trunk of our pretty Christmas tree was misshapen and had a lumpy bit sticking out of one side.  No way would it fit into our stand!  I made a quick trip down to the Landlord's garage and came back with a saw and a big pair of tree branch pruners.  We would not be defeated! I sawed and The Daughter clipped and soon we had a sawdust strewn carpet and a gorgeous upright Christmas tree. Boy did we feel robust and accomplished!
Our tree is beautiful indeed.  Every year I say it's better than last year's and every year that's true.  However, I'm getting an extra little kick this year from our dining table centre piece.  Recently, a neighbour was throwing out some  slightly faded vintage ornaments. We pocketed the nicest ones and brought them home.  They don't really match our other tree ornaments, being too large and the wrong colours.  So, I arranged them in a salad bowl and placed them on the table.  Ooo Shiny.

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