30 December 2011


Yes, the Daughter Christmas cardi fit like a dream and she loves it!  Now I just need to get her to stand still long enough in natural light to be photographed.  Soon, I hope.
In the meantime, I hope everyone had a peaceful holiday. Christmas day here this year was spent quietly with just the two of us, a vegetarian lasagna, and five hours of Harry Potter.  The last two movies were one of the kid's gifts and we watched them back to back.  I've seen the darn things three times in the theatre and I still sob like a teenager when Dobby the elf dies.  Oops.  Did I spoil it?  You do know that Dobby dies, don't you?

As is my annual tradition, I did a bit of Boxing Day yarn shopping. Some Berroco Alpaca at Knitomatic, some Cascade 220 Heathers at Romni.  I like to spread my financial expenditures around.  I bought enough of the Cascade to make this:
It's Agatha by Andi Satterlund.  I knit her free pattern Miette last year and loved both the process and the product.  A cleverly written pattern that's easy to follow and produces a gorgeous garment?  Who could ask for more? I jumped at purchasing this, her next cardigan pattern.  I think this gal has the potential to be one of the next big things in sweater design.
So, I've been waiting for the sales to purchase a sweater's worth of yarn. Did I mention that it only takes 5 skeins?
This turquoise is a little brighter than my usual palette but I think it will suit the fifties vintage feel of Agatha beautifully. It will also work well as a spring cardigan and will match many of my dresses.  Can't wait to cast on!.

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