17 November 2011

Working Cuts Into My Knitting Time

Yes, it's been a long absence. I started a new job (finally!) and have been engulfed in all that that entails.  There's the new schedule to which I have had to adjust not to mention all the emotional conflict.  I've been really struggling with the the dichotomy of being grateful to finally have a job and the disappointment of having had to take work in the same old industry where the hours are crappy, the pay is low, you are always overworked and absolutely everybody craps on you all the time.  I'm making less money now than I was making ten years ago and it sure doesn't help when family tries to placate with empty expressions like, "A job's a job", or "Oh well, it's the economy."  Anyway, my co-workers are nice and my immediate boss is great.  That goes a long way in the adjustment process.

So, basically, I just haven't felt much like blogging.  Until today.  I picked up the latest Vogue Knitting on my lunch break.  Let me start by saying that the patterns in the issue are stellar.  A particular favourite is the V for Vintage  lace blouse.  It's a re-working of a 1965 pattern and I can totally see myself both knitting and wearing this beautiful garment.
However.  I cannot let the cover go un-remarked upon.  Martha fucking Stewart?  On the cover of Vogue Knitting?  What the hell is going on?  I see from the two page ad inside that she is launching a line of ugly craft yarn with Lion Brand (ugh).  Is that any reason for VK to sell it's soul to this corporate meanie?  She has nothing to do with either being Vogue or knit fashion.  I am so offended by her smirking face that I considered not buying the issue.  I may still cut off the cover.  I'm definitely removing the article about her.  Come on VK!  Isn't this your holiday issue?  Where's the beautifully styled and photographed unknown model wearing irresistible knitwear? This gal above would have made a great cover.

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