27 November 2011

Eastward Ho

I took the long, long, (for me) streetcar ride east to the The Purple Purl today.  I was in search of gifting yarn.  A few months back I purchased some lovely Malabrigo Sock in the colour Archangel because it reminde me of a friend and I thought it would make a lovely shawl for her. I soon discovered that I had once again fallen victim to the Siren call of the handpaint.  Looks great on the skein, horrible as a shawl.  The colour repeats are just too short and the changes too abrupt for this dye lot to look good in any type of side to side knitting.  So, I'm doing an entrelac scarf and it looks fine.  It just no longer reminds me of my friend.  So today I purchased the much more tonal Stonechat colourway.  I'm thinking it will be either another Damson or a Shetland Triangle.  Whatever I decide, I'd better hurry.  Christmas approaches and I haven't even completed The Daughter's cardigan yet!

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