04 October 2011

Ribbons 2011 - Day 1

Can you believe it's October already?  With the first seven days of October comes the Ribbon Project - the interactive art project in which I've participated for the last several years.  The email arrives in September and I always say yes.  Then, suddenly, October 1st has arrived and I find myself wandering about with a purse full of camera and coloured ribbons.
This year October 1st fell on a Saturday and the organizer, Hannah Godfrey, chose a ribbon colour we've never before used - black.  I had a few lengths of black tie-line in the drawer. I carried them with me throughout the day.  However, nothing I saw wanted a black marker. What can black ribbon do?  Mark a spot of mourning?  Tie off cable to a grid in a theatre?  These were the only two images that came to me.  As I wasn't feeling particularly mournful, and I was no where near a lighting grid, my ribbons remained untied.
And thus was my theme for this year's project born.  Using the colour of the ribbon to inspire the marking.

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