19 October 2011

Renovation Sadness

Today I am sad because I am mourning a building.  I went down the fire escape this morning, heading for work and discovered that the lovely red brick garage, beside which I have posed for many a knitting shot, has been destroyed.  The landlord has had it stuccoed and it is now a nondescript flat beige.  Whatever possessed him?    The old brick was not crumbling and insulation is not the issue (it's a garage after all). These are the only good reasons I know of to stucco over brick.  The side of the house is stucco so perhaps he wanted it to be matchy-poo.
I don't understand some people's compulsion to replace anything old and that has colour and character with blah, blah, flat and pale.  There's an illusion of clean that they see as "better".  They pave over grass, lay beige carpet over hardwood and stucco over beautiful brick.  And you just know that in a couple of years, this "improvement" is going to look like hell.
My landlord is a lovely man.  He's always been kind to me.  However, he has dropped the ball in a big way on this one.

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