12 October 2011

For Me?

The Daughter recently went on a trip with her Dad to Reykjavik, Iceland and because she loves her old mum so much, she brought back yarn.  It's 5 skeins of Alafoss Lopi direct from the land of the traditional Icelandic sweater.  I just love how the red, purple and teal bits are spun into the beautiful dark blue.  This a truly woolly wool.  Yet, I find myself pondering what one makes with Lopi besides a traditional Icelandic sweater?  A hat, maybe?

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Heddy said...

It felts beautifully - maybe a handbag or mitts or slippers? Or if felting isn't your thing, maybe a hat (with earflaps!!) or a vest, mittens, or a shawl, or pick up a bit of a contast colour at the LYS and make matching Chritmas stockings for the two of you ... lots of fun things that that beautiful yarn can become! You are lucky she got you quite a bit of it!