01 September 2011

Incremental Knitting Progress

My knitting has been sporadic and unfocused of late.  I cast on the Peacock Stole with yarn and pattern purchased at the most recent Frolic.  This is definitely not a TV knit.  Charts, charts, charts!  Fine lace weight and detailed stitches - the kind of knit you can really sink your teeth into.  By my calculation, there are about 800 rows in this stole and, several weeks in, I've completed only seventy-five.  It's a good thing I don't have a deadline.

I also completed Gryffindor Scarf  Number 2 and it has been gifted to The Daughter's friend.  As I mentioned before, working 8 feet of stocking stitch tube is immensely dull and I've vowed to never do another.  Naturally, those types of vows crumble easily with pleading looks from young Harry Potter fans.  One aspect of the experience I most definitely will not repeat is the use of the superwash version of Cascade 220.  Romni was out of regular in the needed colours.  I purchased the Superwash thinking only that it was more expensive but would likely knit up the same.  Wrong.  The yarn feels strangely unpleasant in the hand and blocks differently than the straight wool.  The scarf edge doesn't hold as crisply and the surface has a decidedly plastic-like texture, even after soaking.  I comfort myself knowing that the care of the scarf will be easier which is a good thing when giving a garment to a non-knitter.

I'm also slogging through a case of second sock syndrome and swatching samples for Daughter Christmas knitting.  Focus needed.

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