25 September 2011

A Hedgehog For Your Thoughts?

Now that the lovely Meredith has had her baby shower, I can reveal the knitted portion of my gift.  It's another Smith by Ysolda, and yes, it is in purple again. This one is smaller than my first as it's knitted in sock yarn.  That's the beauty of this toy.  The stich count always remains the same.  The size is determined by yarn and needle choice.  This version is just the right size to be cupped in baby hands.

Hedgie takes a stroll down the street and admires the foliage.
He does his best squash imitation.
The local library offers many fine reading choices for a young hedgehog.
Chillaxin' in the grass.

1 comment:

not an artist said...

I love him too, he's so soft and squishy on top of being super cute :)