10 August 2011

An Equine Outing

This Sunday past we headed toward Guelph for another visit to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.  It was a perfect summer day for a farm outing.  The Daughter and I along with my sister, her son and her partner, enjoyed meeting and petting Katy, Peter, Summer, Poppy, Luna and all the other rescued animals that make their happy home at the sanctuary.
Snuggling Sam

It's a feeding frenzy!

A quiet moment between Donkey & Girl

The Daughter expresses her frustration that her adopted donkey Earl Grey, won't take his nose out of the feed and say hello.  He ate for over an hour without a break.  As a formerly abused and neglected animal, I'd say it's his right to eat as much as he likes.  You go Earl!

What a beautiful place.

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