18 July 2011

Soft Green Lacey Goodness

I cast on a new pair of socks yesterday and of course, cannot leave a pattern alone.  It's the Lace Socks from Holiday 2009 Vogue.  The pattern has four separate panels of lace and is quite stunning in the solid yarn pictured in the magazine.  The 60 stitches are divided into repeats of 4, 13, the same 4 again and 9. However, that much lace was not doing justice to this tonal dyed merino.  It was far too busy.  I'm more committed to the yarn than the pattern so I ripped out the 20 rows I had done and simplified the pattern by eliminating the 9 stitch lace panel.  I've maintained the seed stitch up the centre where the gusset will eventually split, but have converted the remaining 4 + 4 into stocking stitch.  It's made both the yarn and the remaining lace look much better.

06 July 2011

Too Hot for A Cardigan

I finished my spring cardigan just in time for the first heat wave of summer!  Here I am looking all arty modelling in the yard.  Really, I'm just trying not to grimace in the heat.  I will be getting immediate use out it however.  My Wednesday night class takes place in a room so heavily air conditioned that it's practically Arctic.  An excellent cardigan opportunity.

It's lovely isn't it?  I'm particularly proud of the fact that I altered this Drops Design pattern so extensively to fit my size and gauge, that it almost feels like an original. Almost. There are more details about that as well as additional photos,  on my Ravelry page.