08 June 2011

The Rental Garden

Slowly over the past three summers, I've been converting my landlord's garden into a slightly more wild, definitely more perennial affair.  I buy a bit here, transplant a bit there.  He's happy not to have to deal with it.  Frankly, judging by the recently observed lack of enthusiasm, I think he and his wife were starting to resent the expense and trouble of planting all those geraniums year after year.

The poppies are almost at the end of their glory.  I wish I had photographed them earlier.  They don't last long and look like hell when they're done. but their peak is spectacular.
Then there's the ratty little foxglove I bought from the variety store for a dollar.  It was droopy and sad all last year in the shade garden... but this year!  It's threatening to become the plant that ate Manhattan.  It has three flower heads and is huge already.  It may need to be transplanted later as it's dwarfing and shading everything around it.  It needs to move back about a foot.  But not now.  First, let's see what it can do.

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not an artist said...

Vicarious garden love :)