24 May 2011

The Round Toe

I was reading my 1947 edition of Complete Guide to Modern Knitting and Crocheting in bed the other night.  Yes, I read knitting books at bedtime.  Don't you?  Anyway, I came across the sock section and read with interest the page on The Toe.  The book suggests two versions of toe knitting.  There's the Flat Toe, which we've all done - decreasing on the sides and Kitchener stitching a flat graft.  Also they illustrate the Round Toe - executing a K2tog over even numbers of stitches, depending on how many you have in total.  Now, I've done this type of evenly spaced decrease, alternating with straight knit rows, on hats and mitts many times, but it's never occurred to me to try it on a sock.
"Why not?", I said to myself.
I don't know if you can properly see the result on the dark blue yarn, but it creates quite a satisfactory and surprisingly comfortable toe.  I just decreased until I had ten or so stitches left and drew the remaining yarn through.  The best part?  No grafting!  I don't think I'll use this method every time but it's certainly nice to have another tool in the bag.

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