06 May 2011


It was the annual Knitter's Frolic this past Saturday and I was determined not to let dental pain and lingering illness keep me away.  It helped to have a travel buddy as well.  Lisa and I met up for foamy caffeinated beverages and then took the long loopy transit ride out to the site.  I'm so glad I went.  How nice to see all those familiar faces and be surrounded with colour.  Of course I got no photos - just toted my camera around all day without ever getting it out. Doh!

I did manage to pick up some pretties though am proud to say that I showed admirable restraint.  My luxury knit indulgence was two skeins of Fiddlesticks silk/wool in a deep red. That's enough to knit their Peacock Stole.  The sample on display just called to me.  Funnily, the pattern costs more than one skein of yarn.  However, it is beautifully printed with large, colour coded charts and lots of photos.
And of course, there's always one skein of sock yarn.  After doing the floor twice, I finally decided on Black Lamb because of their colour choices, their reasonable prices, and the fact that I'm not likely to get to the store in Port Hope.  I chose this tonal green, named, appropriately enough, Evergreen.  It does remind me of a moist, rich forest, right after a rain.  There are dark cool gullies and beautiful  bright spots where the sun is bursting through the treetops.

I overdid a bit and was exhausted and in pain when I got home. I treated myself to a dinner of ibuprofen and pureed parsnips.  Now, I don't recommend dental crisis to anyone as a weight loss plan but at least it's had one positive effect.  On a liquid diet, in two weeks, I've lost all my winter fat.  Hey.  I'll take it.

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