24 April 2011

When You're Sick...

 ...knit a shawl.  
Here I am, sick as the proverbial dog, modelling the Shetland Triangle Shawl on this Easter Sunday.  I'm tempted to call it The 21 Jump Street Shawl because I watched a whole season of  that mindless eighties series on DVD this week while sitting on the sofa knitting.  I've been absolutely flattened by a nasty virus that has been complicated by a dental emergency.  It's been the kind of illness that only bad TV, rhythmic knitting and massive amounts of  painkillers can make bearable.  (When I say bad TV, I mean So-bad-it's-good).
Anyway, the virus is subsiding and the sun is shining this afternoon.  I'm beginning to recover from Stage One of what promises to be a long and expensive dental process.  Also, I have a pretty new shawl.  
This is the third pattern I've knit by Evelyn A. Clark.  It is not an intentional happening.  I guess I'm just drawn to her designs.

1 comment:

Sherrill said...

Beautiful shawl. Nasty virus!

21 Jump Street? Wow, now that is going back a ways.

I hope you recover fast and well.