21 April 2011

Eight Thousand Three Hundred and Twenty-Two

That's how many Raveller's cast on Jaywalkers before I.  Talk about a pattern going viral!  I was so in love with the sharp colour change of this Kaffe Fassett Regia, that I knew it would look stunning in chevrons. If you think you recognize this yarn, you're right.  Barbie is sporting it as a dress a few posts back. 

I've promised myself not to knit any new socks for a while.  There are several pairs in the WIP basket awaiting repair.  I tend to wear my socks out on the ball of the foot so I just need to cut back to there and reknit the toes to get more life out of them.  There's enough leftover yarn to do this in at least two cases.

In other knitting, the Shetland Triangle is very near completion.  Pictures soon I hope.

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