03 March 2011

We Went For A Walk, Just Me and My Sock

It was a cold one out there today and the park was very gray.  Today's extreme cold froze all that standing water of the earlier warm weather and created ice rinks where paths used to be. I actually had to cling to the fence posts on my awkward climb up my usual hill or risk falling, ungracefully, on my ample middle-aged butt.  It was kind of fun once I got over worrying who might see me.  Anybody else hardy enough to brave today's climate deserves a good laugh.

At the end of the adventure was coffee and knitting time.  I got about thirty rows done on my Waving Lace Sock #2.  That felt pretty good after so little progress on any recent knitting front.  
While I knit and snacked and had a refill on my coffee, I listened to a chapter of Little Women on CraftLit.  I've been going back and listening to older episodes of this podcast.  Recently I finished A Tale of Two Cities which I had read years ago.  Now I'm enjoying having Little Women read aloud to me because I never could get through the darn book reading it the old-fashioned way.  No.  Having seen three different movie versions of the novel doesn't count.  (Does anyone else remember the TV version with Susan Dey as Jo and Meredith Baxter as Meg?)
I admit to skipping over all the personal chatter of the podcast and going straight to the book talk.  While I enjoy Heather's book commentary as well as that sent in by her listeners, I often find her personal stories a little annoying. Not sure why.  However, I still appreciate the amazing effort and ingenuity of her unique "podcast for crafters who love books."


Heddy said...

pretty sock!

Yvette said...

And great project bag too. Right?

Heddy said...

LOL! yeah - very cute bag ... heh heh! Glad to see it is getting use :)