23 March 2011

In Which I Go North

OK.  Enough navel gazing.  Let's get back to what's really important - yarn!.
I travelled up to Mary Maxim on Monday.  All the way north to Eglington!  I had heard they were hiring so I brought my resume and tried to talk with the manager.  She was underwhelmed.  Oh well.  May as well take the opportunity to yarn browse.

I've been knitting socks pretty much non-stop lately and a quick mental stash count resulted in the decision to buy one more sock's worth of yarn.  You know, just to stay ahead.  I couldn't choose between the MM house brand (gorgeous colour but slightly rough texture) and the Scheepjes Invicta (proven track record, smooth texture and unusual red tone).  They were priced so low that naturally, I bought them both.
Later at home, tucking them into the stash, I discovered several projects worth of sock yarn that I had forgotten I owned.  Oops.  I'll just have to knit faster.

1 comment:

Heddy said...

I don't think that sock yarn counts as stash ... so you are in the clear ;)

Prety colours - can't wait to se the socks!