21 February 2011

Sock Yarn Report

Recently my First Ever Socks fell apart - disintegrating in the ball of the foot. Looking further into this dilemma, I was surprised to realize that these Scheepjes Invicta socks were knit in 2006!  That is some serious wearing power.  As I have several other pairs, old and new, giving up the ghost right now. I thought it time to take stock of which sock yarns have performed well and which have disappointed.  This is where the ball band scrapbook comes in handy.

Socks Going Strong or Just Starting to Wear: 
(Three or More Years Old)

  • Scheepjes Invicta Coloris
  • DG Confetti
  • Regia Die Sockenwolle
  • Opal UNI
  • Patons Kroy Socks
  • On Line Supersocke

Middlin' Performance:  (Approximate Two Year Life Span)

  • Elann Esprit
  • SRK On You Toes Bamboo
Disappointment:  Fell Apart In A Year or Less

  • Fleece Artist %100 Merino
  • Indigo Moon Merino
  • Fibranatura Yummy
Now, none of the final category, though beautiful yarns, have any nylon in them.  They are all 100% natural fibres.  Which just goes to show that, in sock yarn at least, a little acrylic is a good thing.

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