04 January 2011

Stashin for Santa

I've always thought it bizarre, if not downright kooky the way so many people rush off to shop right after the holidays.  Standing in line and spending even more money have never appealed to me a way to spend my festive days.
That being said, I somehow managed to make it to not one, but two Boxing Day yarn sales this year.  The annual one day Romni event is as much a social gathering opportunity as it is a sale.  I went in the mid-afternoon and chatted with so many lovely knitters, old friends (Hi Lorelei!) and new.  I also got the perfect shades of yarn for The Daughter's long awaited Gryffindor scarf.
Yesterday I headed up to Knitomatic.  Her sale (25% off all yarn people!) is actually two weeks long so there is much less pressure. I always like to stop in every year.  Nobody ever buys me yarn for Christmas, so I traditionally buy a little gift for myself here.  Such beautiful stuff Hayley has in right now - a rich and lush palette of wintry fibres.  It was difficult to choose just one "gift".  So, naturally, I bought two.  Then I sat with my coffee and quietly knit with the others for over an hour.  What a nice Sunday afternoon.
Left to right:  Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a very enticing deep bluish purple.  This will be a new hat and mitts for me.  The Regia 4-Ply was sought out specifically.  The last Knitty Yarn Roundtable had some Regia and I was reminded how much I enjoy knitting with it.  I've been meaning to get some ever since.  Both of these I purchased at Knitomatic.  The gold and burgundy Cascade 220 were found at Romni.  An already economical yarn at a 25% discount? Awesome.

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