30 January 2011

Roses Are Red Indeed

So.  I had a make up class downtown today.  Yes, on Sunday!  Because my "instructor" will be away during February and is thus, unable to meet her obligations.  So, we all get a double class on a weekend.  Hey, it was either that or extend these evening classes well into spring.
Anyway...happy serendipity!  I wandered past St Lawrence Market and came upon the Sunday antique vendor market.  Which I never do.  Because I'm never downtown on a Sunday.  There at one of the tables are The Perfect Buttons to finally fix my NaKniSweMo cardigan, Miette.  Pretty, pretty, glossy red roses for a 1950's vintage style cardigan.  Perfect.

1 comment:

Claire Louise Milne said...

That's my favourite market!
thank you for the visit :-)