20 January 2011

I Didn't Used To But Now I Do

Sometimes, when I feel life spinning slightly out of control, it helps me to remember little things I do that make me feel better than I did before.  They are habits I've developed or promises I've made to myself.  Mostly they involve giving my daily life a little dignity or tidiness or forward movement or, sometimes, just plain fun.  

  • I make my bed every morning.  I've done so for two and a half years now.  Every night, sliding into the smoothed sheets under the puffed comforter, I'm glad I made the effort.
  • I use a saucer with my coffee and tea mugs.
  • Sometimes, I eat single ingredient dinners because that's all I feel like.  Recently, I steamed a cauliflower and ate half of it with butter and salt.  Delicious.
  • I compliment strangers on what they're wearing.
  • I invite people over or out.  Sometimes they come.
  • I knit a little every day.
  • I say yes to invitations.

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