02 January 2011

A Half Pair

This is Kaiso from Knitted Socks East and West.  I keep returning to this book, drawn by the pretty pictures and eventually I get decent results.  However, every single time I knit from these patterns I end up re-doing the math and/or  re-centering stitches.  The designer's sense of symmetry is almost always off.  And her stitch count?  Even in the recommended yarn, there is no way I can see 48 stitches making an adult sock.  So, as most other knitters according to Ravelry, have done, I cast on sixty.  That's a full extra repeat of the 12 stitch pattern.  However, now there are an uneven five pattern repeats, ruining the opportunity for symmetry when working the heel flap.  See?  Frustrating.
Pretty yarn though, right?

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