12 January 2011

Designing The Interior

Intense boredom drove me to hastily decide one evening last week that The Daughter's room needed to be painted - NOW.  I'm like that with big projects.  They languish for months, under consideration, until a sudden burst of energy overtakes me and I dive right in.  In this case, I remarkably had all the supplies I needed including the pale yellow paint (left over from a previously discarded design decision) so I just started.  It took a day and a half, including the trip to Zellers to buy the pale blue comforter and small desk.  The shelves and curtains we already owned.

I'm so pleased with the result.  There are no "Before" shots which is probably a good thing.  The walls used to be mauve, the duvet, lime green and there were stuffed toys and old junk and out-dated posters everywhere.  She complained that it looked like the room of a messy eight year old.  Now it's a serene, lady-like, blank slate for her to stamp with her personality.  Slowly she is putting belongings on the walls and on the shelves that reflect who she is now.  I hope she spends many happy hours in her new space.

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