07 January 2011

Bandaging My Boo Boo

So I was supposed to go on a date.  As my last date was a year and a half ago, this upcoming event was understandably the cause of much delight chez Longyarn.  Even the daughter was kind of excited about it.  Then he cancelled. No rescheduling.  Just silence.
So I did what any knitter woulda.  Eat a whole pizza?  No. I went to Lettuce and bought yarn.  Unnecessary, beautiful and squishy, yarn. 
Brand: Malabrigo. Colourway:#850 Archangel.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great stash enhancement!

Heddy said...

that b*st*rd!! He isn't good enough to go out with you anyway ... and the yarn is beautiful :) as are you!

Stoopid boys .. he probably smells bad, so no loss for you.