23 November 2010

Get On Board The Crazy Train

Picture this. Four women of a certain age sitting around a dining room table. There are several opened bottles of wine in the center as well as the remnants of a fabulous meal . The liqueur chocolates are now being consumed.

Says Woman #1 (The Hostess)  "When I was in the mental hospital in Johannesburg..."
Woman #2 "Wait a minute! You were in a mental hospital? You never told me you're a past psychiatric patient."
Woman #1 "Well, I am."
Woman #2 "So am I."
Woman #3 (Me) "So am I"
Three heads snap toward Woman #4 who smiles and nods, "Um...ya."

Cue the open mouth silence which is quickly followed by the laughter and one giant group High Five.
This is why I love my friends.

1 comment:

Heddy said...

.... I should start having dinner parties to find out my friends deepest secrets ;)