30 November 2010

NaKniSweMo Accomplished

So, I successfully Knit A Sweater in November!  Do I win a prize? No? Well, I do have an awesome sweater, so I guess that will do.
Can I just say that top-down with no seaming worked on 5mm needles makes me a happy girl?

23 November 2010

Get On Board The Crazy Train

Picture this. Four women of a certain age sitting around a dining room table. There are several opened bottles of wine in the center as well as the remnants of a fabulous meal . The liqueur chocolates are now being consumed.

Says Woman #1 (The Hostess)  "When I was in the mental hospital in Johannesburg..."
Woman #2 "Wait a minute! You were in a mental hospital? You never told me you're a past psychiatric patient."
Woman #1 "Well, I am."
Woman #2 "So am I."
Woman #3 (Me) "So am I"
Three heads snap toward Woman #4 who smiles and nods, "Um...ya."

Cue the open mouth silence which is quickly followed by the laughter and one giant group High Five.
This is why I love my friends.

Post the Cat

Sometimes you just need to look at a nice picture of a cat.  Here's hoping some of Lucy's serenity rubs off on her human companion.

17 November 2010

Look What I Found

I came across this gem yesterday while browsing my magazine shelf. This Scheepjeswol Winter 1982/83 is the first pattern book I ever bought.  I was living in Kingston at the time, attending Queen's University.  Scheepjes had a retail store back then, right downtown on Princess Street. I timidly went in one afternoon looking for a pattern to knit myself a sweater in school colours. Gosh I remember pouring over the photos and instructions for hours before finally knitting  a pullover using cheap, department store acrylic. Feeling more confident from the experience, I bought two colours of the actual brand name yarn, and knit pattern 894 for the Boyfriend. Wonder if he still has it?

Is it just me or is the styling here still gorgeous today?  It's so very wintery.  The shapes are a bit boxy but heck, it was the eighties and anyway, boxy isn't always bad.  I love the drop shoulders and the earthy textures. In fact, with the currently falling temperatures, cardigan 904 is looking very knittable right about now  Check out the half gloves and the stylish flare of thick socks and scarves.  And oh how I wish, I wish soft and luscious, thick corduroy pants would come back in style.

12 November 2010

The Ribbons of Others

This years's Ribbon Project has been loaded onto the Flickr page,  Sadly, it appears there were fewer participants than past years.  However, the photos are stunning and the ribboning is heartfelt. Go check it out.

10 November 2010

Furry November Sweater

My NaKniSweMo sweater is black and I have friendly cats.
The body is done.  It's a top down cardigan so the finishing will be minimal.  Finishing by the end of this month is a quite reasonable goal.  Now, on to the sleeves!