28 October 2010

Sockety Socks

Lisa, Nadia and I had a lovely Sunday venturing to the east end of the city. We shopped the Painted Fleece studio sale and then went for a large, somewhat greasy yet delicious, brunch.  
Look at the beautiful sock yarns I acquired.  From left to right we have One More, Doris's Sofa and Sangria or as I call them, apricot, blue/gray and purple/mauve.  I actually need sock stash enhancement in a big way.  Several pairs of socks from my early knitting days have simultaneously fallen apart in the last month.  I guess nothing truly does last forever, even beloved socks.  I need to get knitting, knitting!
The Daughter has already claimed the mauve and wants it to become Kaiso.  The blue/gray told me from the shelf at the sale that it is my future Waving Lace.

I did manage to finish a pair last week.  Alas, they are The Daughter's not mine.  By her request, it's another pair of Broadripple from Knitty (what a sensible, attractive pattern!) in a shade of pink I can only describe as bubblegum.


Heddy said...

pretty purchases ... nice knitting :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great stash enhancement. Love the colors. The socks are great too. My almost 4 year old requested a sweater recently. :)