11 September 2010

Labour Day Retreat

In my case the need was to retreat from the labour of being me on a daily basis.  When nothing is going your way, as a friend says, "Get out of Dodge for a few days."  So off I flew to BC to be in the presence of someone who loves me.  How remarkable and healing it is to be reminded that I don't suck.

Of course there was yarn shopping.  What's a trip without a wee bit of stash enhancement?  I was looking specifically for sock yarns.  At the lovely Button & Needlework Boutique, I picked up a skein of Estelle Arequipa on sale (possibly my favourite words).  Then I went to Beehive and there found some pretty pink ONline Supersocke which is fast becoming another pair of Broadripple. 

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great stash enhancement! Sounds like a great weekend.