27 August 2010

Something to Hold My Philosopher's Stone

Here's a quickie.  It's a Harry Potter book bag made from a kit I won way back at an Alterknit event.  Frankly, I had forgotten I had it until I came across it the other day.  The pattern is written in both a crochet and a knit version.  I'm knitting of course but it does resemble crochet doesn't it?  Much twisting of stitches is needed to get that result.
Anyway, the short, fat curse is back.  The bag is supposed to be narrow and deep to carry the book standing up. I've got a shallow and wide bag, and am almost out of yarn.  This despite following the pattern exactly. The two strands of Manos have not been cut, so I considered ripping.  Nahhh...I'm not that invested. The book can just lay on it's side.

1 comment:

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh wow, yeah, it does look like crochet even though you're knitting it.

Cute bag! Hope it works out that you have enough yarn in the end. That's weird that it's a kit and you might run out.